This week the word on my mind is “resilience”; a powerful word indeed.

Recently I attended what’s known as the Medallion Ceremony at my alma mater. At that ceremony 90 different students were being recognized for completing their studies at the Honors level. They accomplished a variety of tasks over the course of time, in many cases after four years of consistent motion.

This type of resilience is encouraging to see.

The drive to continue toward a goal when there are obstacles standing in the way is admirable. The way students are able to push through uncertainty and work towards a diploma with the anticipation of a higher paying job in the marketplace when their time is done.

Resilience is the sense that keeps us going towards our objectives in life.

As a card-carrying nerd-status money guy, over the weekend I started re-reading Thomas Stanley’s book The Millionaire Mind. For those of you who don’t know any of his work, it has some great insight on the thoughts and actions of those who strive to accumulate net worth and financial freedom.

The word that came to mind while reading the first few chapters was “resilience”. Millionaires are resilient; they don’t give up. They push through critics telling them that they won’t achieve their goals. They build habits of investing, and living below their means as a way to secure their futures, and the futures of their families. Their lives are more secure because of this behavior.

Lastly, I was reflecting on this sense of resilience while contemplating freelancers and business owners. They get knocked down time and time again, and often the public only sees their successes or the results of hours and hours, or perhaps years and years of work.

In many ways resilience is like an additional muscle that financially fit people have. They work out that muscle just as a body builder lifts in the gym; they too focus on pushing themselves to the next level since they can see the future they want, and are willing to do the work to get there.

You have the power to adopt this habit. Build the future you want.

Be resilient today. Be resilient tomorrow.

-Mobile Money Mentor

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