One of the phrases I tend to come back to while talking with people about handling finances, making a change in their lives, approaching people, and any number of self improvement tactics is that, “It’s simple, but not easy.”

Putting together a monthly budget, a series of categories and numbers is simple, but actually staying consistent with it isn’t so easy. We all know we should eat less, and exercise more to lose weight, it’s a simple concept in theory, but the implementation can be tough.

Confidence is like that too. It’s simple to say “just be confident” go out on stage and talk in front of people, but pretty much anyone who’s performed on stage or stood at a podium will tell you at least the first few times they did, it wasn’t as easy as it looked.

Like many skills, exercising the muscle will help over time, and exercising your “confidence muscle” will make the next time you have to use it just that much easier. Once you’ve gotten over the hurdle of building your core budget, copy and pasting it to the next month really is pretty simple. Once you’ve set a monthly auto transfer from your checking into your savings account or a pre-tax 401k deduction from your paycheck, you’ll start to realize living without isn’t as tough as anticipated.

Flex your confidence muscle, it’s worth it.

Focus. Be Intentional. Think Bigger.

-Mobile Money Mentor

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